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Project summary

Power distribution panel, Busway

1. Xiamen Construction Bank Building Busway

2. Xiamen Cigarette Factory Busway

3. Nanpu Power Plant constant pressure control system

4. An optical three water treatment system

5. Chen Hong technology water treatment system

6. Kodak Xiamen water treatment system

7. Jiuquan Iron and Steel, mining machinery frequency control system

8. AUO power control system

9. sauna and swimming pool control system

10. sewage treatment control system

11. The tire machine control cabinet

12. The elevator control system

13. Indonesia bag dust control system

14. Malaysia bag dust control system

15. Fujian Provincial Public Security Cabinet room supply column headers

16. Xiamen Unicom room renovation

17. TPK water treatment system

18. 10T Haili Aquatic water treatment system

19. Bertrand poem 5T Xiamen water treatment system


New Energy

1. Golmud in Qinghai 1MWP a grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system

2. Golmud in Qinghai 2MWP two grid-connected PV systems

3. Xiamen Golden Sun 1.6MWP grid PV system

4. Southampton photoelectric base 2MWP grid PV system

5. Xiamen Botanical Garden, automatic water supply off-grid PV system

6. hydrological monitoring off-grid PV system

7. Fujian Straits Olympic Sports Center

8. Farah electronic-controlled central air-conditioning system

9. Samoa 5 MWp PV power system

10. Zhangzhou Kibing glass 11MWp grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system


Electric Drive

1. Finished steel mills driving frequency transformation

2. Frequency transformation of Xiamen Cigarette Factory / Longyan Cigarette Factory cutters

3. Color mechanical frequency control system

4. Brazil vulcanizing machine control system

5. Deyang Cigarette sorting line control system


Intelligent buildings, industrial networks

1. Subsidence tunnel monitoring system 

2. Infrared measuring temperature collection system for Nat Steel 

3. Wastewater pump data collection system for undersea tunnel

4. Plant control system for mining industry

5. Freezing station control system for Coca-Cola  

6. Central air-conditioning control systems

7. Angola power generation control system

8. Australia chlorine monitoring system

9. Warm water system for GESAC 

10. Boiler control system



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